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Education in Chongqing is comparatively developed. 25000 schools of various types have over four million students. There are 25 universities and institutes, 52 doctor degree points, 198 master degree points, 5 post doctor mobile points. Unitversity students amount to 90,000. Chongqing University, Southwest Agricultural University, Southwest Law University, Chongqing Architecture University, Chongqing Medical University and Third Army Medical University are well known universities in China. 43 adult colleges have 60,000 students. Over 18,000 primary and middle schools have more than 3.7 million students. Entry of children worthy of education is 99.7 percent. Proportion of pupils entering higer schools is 97.7 per cent in urban areas. Chongqing Nankai Middle School, Chongqing No. 1 Middle School , Chongqing Yucai Middle School and Chongqing Bashu Middle School are key national middle schools. They have trained many gifted people. Twenty two academicians such as well-known scientists Zhou, Guang Zhao Zhu Guang Ya and Zhang Cun Hao once studied at Chongqing Nankai Middle School. Chongqing Yucai Middle School founded by Tao Xing Zhi a famous educator, is the Alma Mater of Comrade Li Peng. 81 secondary technical and teachers?schools have 70,000 students. 199 vocational senior middle schools have 65000 students. 136 primary technical schools have 50,000 students. More than 10,000 adult schools of various kinds have over 2 million trainees all the year round. Chongqing has established a complete education system comprising basic education, higher education, vocational education and adult training.

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